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26 August, 2020

The GRC business model hinges on the strength of our partnerships, so we put an incredible amount of energy and effort into finding the kind of partners we need. Our search criteria is pretty tough. We only want relationships with people that share our values. People who are dedicated, reliable, passionate and wildly ambitious! Bearing this in mind, it’s no mean feat when we find a worthy collaborator. Yet, we do manage to find them and now we have a few to share with you. We have developed LOIs with following partners: 


Fooducer Website

Fooducer is the largest B2B food industry platform in Denmark. They have a passion for enabling the sharing of data in the food industry, bridging the gaps between huge wholesalers and specialised manufacturers.

With the expert guidance and collaboration of Dr Kyburg, we have an even greater confidence that we can develop and offer truly impactful and life enhancing experiences to our users. We hope you will join us in celebrating this great new addition to the GRC family. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter where we will have another exciting introduction to make! Interestingly enough in the given context, Dr Kyburg reached out to us after reading one of our previous newsletters. If, like Dr Kyburg, you think you have something to offer GRC, keep on reading…

Their product has the ability to empower smaller African Agribusinesses, providing the producers with the data they need to make the smartest and most sustainable decisions. 

This has huge potential in the areas of Africa that GRC will operate in, where the need to enhance South to South trade of food goods is of critical importance.

Growth Africa

Growth Africa Website

Growth Africa has been dedicated to “growth frontiers” since 2002. A PanAfrican company, they help young African businesses to grow by providing business acceleration services,  strategic advice and access to investments.

Their track record is impressive, with numbers including 244 ventures accelerated, 30,000+ jobs created, 60m in investments and most importantly – 850,000 lives positively impacted. With results like this you can see why we were interested in developing a partnership with them. 

We are excited to see how we can work together to support the young entrepreneurs that our River Centers will incubate.


U/Nord Website

U/Nord is a recognised Danish educational institution with more than 600 employees and a student body of more than 14,000.

We aim to work with U/Nord to develop a unique community building partnership – enabling cross continental knowledge exchange between students. A kind of pen pal 2.0


eGro Website

Anyone involved in the CPH impact scene will be familiar with eGro, and their passionate founder and CEO Jacob Vahr Svenningsen. Jacob and eGro have the impressively ambitious mission of  “making the Planet Green and reversing climate change with Sustainable Agroforestry.” 

The dedication to this mission can be seen in the fact that they have so far invested in 112 farming families in 8 villages in Northern Ghana to test their sustainable forestry model.

It’s our hope that in collaborating with GRC they can scale further and help support us in teaching sustainable, environmentally positive farming practices.

We are working hard to establish more partners and are currently in the process of formalising partnerships with:


UNYA Website

The United Nations Youth Association of Denmark is a youth-led, non-profit organisation that works to promote and raise awareness amongst youth about the United Nations and the UN affiliated’s causes, values and issues. They are passionately dedicated to promoting youth participation and volunteerism.

The dedication they bring to building engagement with young people for noble causes makes them a brilliant partner case for GRC. We believe we will really benefit from the energy and participation of these young change-makers. 


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