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05 August, 2020

Last week we announced a new member to the GRC Taskforce (read more on the Taskforce below👇) on our social media channels. If you missed this post now is a good time to follow us and keep up with everything we share!

The new addition we proudly announced is Dr. Lars Chr. Kyburg. Dr Kyburg is a Health Care Systems Development and Strengthening Specialist with more than 25 years experience in advising health ministries, health insurance/health financing authorities, and other health managing stakeholders in strategy development. With his broad background working with health in different contexts and across the globe – especially his work in Africa where he has consulted on several important health projects – we are grateful to have the chance to tap in to his vast knowledge and experience.

His role on our Taskforce is to help shape and define the health services that play an integral role in the River Center concept. Each River Center we build will offer health-wise educational and training services, provide nutritious food, and grant access to sports facilities and a health clinic, supporting good health practices and wellbeing of all our users.

With the expert guidance and collaboration of Dr Kyburg, we have an even greater confidence that we can develop and offer truly impactful and life enhancing experiences to our users. We hope you will join us in celebrating this great new addition to the GRC family. Keep an eye out for our next newsletter where we will have another exciting introduction to make! Interestingly enough in the given context, Dr Kyburg reached out to us after reading one of our previous newsletters. If, like Dr Kyburg, you think you have something to offer GRC, see below…


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