Building our team in sunny Uganda!

11 April, 2021

Our Head of Research, Sandra Petersen is currently on location Bugiri, Uganda ,where she is overseeing our first research project in the country.

Sandra travelled out late last week to meet with Mutalya Patrick, our local partner who is Director of Bugiri youth entrepreneur development association and co-founder of the Mutalya Foundation 92.

Whilst there she will work with Patrick to initiate our East African user research. Together they will recruit and train a research team to help us conduct a large scale survey of youth in the area.

We aim to open our first East African River Center in Uganda in 2023 and it is a delight to be now taking our first steps towards this goal.

This is the third study of its kind that we have conducted in Africa, the previous two having taken place in Ghana where the construction for the very first Global River Center will start later this year.

If you have a business or project that could benefit from the unique market insights our Ghanaian and Ugandan researchers can provide, please get in touch.


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