Our Team

Passionate experts. Meet the people behind Global River Center.

Our Team

Equal parts passion and expertise.

Ceo and founder

Elizabeth Boye


Elizabeth Boye is the renowned Responsible-Business and cross-sector partnerships for growth professional. Her work focused on capacity development, process-facilitation and training, including organisational & institutional development and leading CSR-motivated change processes for inclusive development solutions. Herein facilitation of radical change at all levels: individual, institutional, legislative framework and political.

She has over 26years of experience working in African and South-Eastern Asian countries for governments, international corporations and development institutions. She educated more than 600 high-level decision and policymakers on how to make cross-sector partnership work for effective public and private service delivery in Danida programme countries, particularly in East and West Africa.

She prepared the FanMilk Nigeria for sale and she build the capacity of the business association organizing the exporting 5000 RMG factories in Bangladesh to mention a few. She advised all IFU partner companies in Sub-Saharan Africa on the implementation of the IFU CSR policy. She advised Government of Kenya, the National Economic and Social Council, on how to make the Public Private Partnership (PPP) work for the implementation of the National Development Plan (Vision2030). Furthermore she is external course coordinator and lecturer at Copenhagen Business School, sole owner of Sociability and CEO of Global River Center.


Michael Mathiesen


Michael holds more than 30 years international business experience, with focus on Information Technology, Telecom and eCommerce.

He has been hands-on involved in more than 325 international investments in Europe, US, Canada, Russia, UAE, Taiwan, China and West Africa. 2 of them becoming Unicorns. Michael has experience from 9 IPOs (Stockholm, Copenhagen and London) and more than 35 trade sales.

He has served as a non-exec board member in more than 100 international private, public and government companies as well as the board of Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO). Michael is currently engaged as CEO of Bambwa Group, a Nordic-African investment company. He is using his expertise as a global business leader and his experience from over 10 years working on the African continent to help establish a new wave of cross-continent investment, development and economic bridge-building.

Concept Developer

Sandra Petersen


Sandra Petersen is a researcher at Global River Center. She is researching funding and strategic partnership opportunities, doing research for concept development as well as SoMe content.

She has a broad background with a B.Sc. in Information Science and Cultural mediation, where she did a field study on Zambia’s possibilities to become an information society.

Moreover, she has an MA in Peace, Development, Security and International Conflict Transformation gaining experience in multi-stakeholder management and engagement, and she has experience with project designing through volunteering with the Turkish organisation System and Generation, creating a project for cultural understanding between Turkey and The EU.

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