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Our Partners

Our strength lies in the contribution of our partners.


DGE is an environment and engineering company, offering innovative and sustainable solutions to develop societies and create growth. DGE is advising on projects, identifying the environmental needs in relation to the development within industry, infrastructure and construction. They do this with respect for and in harmony with the resources the earth provides and the demands of society, thus creating the best solutions for their clients and the environment. GRC is very happy to have DGE with us, as we admire the immense respect for the balance between natures resources and society’s demands.



The Nordic Project Fund (Nopef) if a fund is issued by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO). The objective of Nopef is to facilitate the scale-up of Nordic green solutions on global markets. Supported projects shall contribute to direct or indirect positive impact on the environment or climate, and have a Nordic interest through job creation, export opportunities, technology transfer and the promotion of Nordic values. GRC is thrilled that Nopef sees the need and impact of our centers, and Nopef has therefore granted us support for our feasibility study.



Sweco is one of Europe’s leading engineering and architecture firm in infrastructure, water, buildings and urban development. With 14,500 employees in 15 countries, Sweco offers highly specialized expertise to ensure sustainable solutions for urban development, water and sanitation, roads and transportation, public facilities, energy, waste management and environmental planning. Sweco is also part of the greenkigali.com project of building sustainable cities in Rwanda – For this GRC is a ideal plug-in for providing a meeting place and the skills training to ensure the sustainability of the project. We think this is a brilliant project and we are excited to be working with Sweco.



NIRAS is an international, multidisciplinary engineering consultancy company with Nordic roots and values creating sustainable development solutions across the globe. NIRAS has over 2100 employees located in offices in Europe, Asia and Africa. The NIRAS Group works in a broad array of areas, including construction, infrastructure, public utilities, environment, energy generation and transmission, and planning. We are very happy to be working with NIRAS and make use of the vast experience and expertise, that NIRAS offers, to ensure the best solutions for building our centers.



Teamscope is a data collection app for research. Teamscope makes our research easier by allowing our field team to easily collect and manage data, especially when we are working in offline and remote settings.


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