Our Concept

An innovative and creative combination of needed elements in a cutting-edge sustainable building.


The Infrastructure

Each River Center has a state-of-the-art sustainable infrastructural design with a minimum size of 2000m2.

It consists of a flexible and modular steel support structure combined with locally made/sourced materials. GRC will provide free WIFI in the centers and will to the degree possible connect the catchment area.

Empowering trade and commerce

River Trading is an environment designed to support local retailers and traders.

Providing access to national and international products.



Enabling leisure and fun

River Entertainment is a space tailored for sports, arts and cultural activities.

Suitable for social gatherings, festivals, cinema, concerts, media creation, and broadcasting.

Supporting the local community

River Community provides an enviroment for local community gatherings.

For example: chief consultations and traditional functions and events, public meetings, public services like health and extension services, and faith-based services.



Strenghtening skill sets

River Learning is the name given to the skills learning facilities and programs that take place in the center.

The access to free global learning platforms. Programs might include: digital and financial literacy, adult literacy, sustainable business development, and agricultural practices.

River Center Health

The promotion of health is a central element in the River Centers and is supported throughout.

River Trading will include a pharmacy - River Learning will inform and train in preventive measures to stay healthy – River Entertainment will host sports and health related events – River Community will provide medical services but also have other health care practitioners that are lacking in the different areas and inviting specialists.


We combine our concept with a strong management team and leading industry partners

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